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Before Going to Know What We Offer In Advertisement,  First Let’s see our Traffic ( Last 28 Days Screenshot From SimilarWeb)

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Lets Now, See What We Offer In Advertisment !

We currently Have Two Plans Which Cost 99$ & 149$ For 25 Days

Below Things Are Included in this Plan :

Standard Plan (99$) :

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1) Featured Tool :

In This Plan We Feature your Ai tool On top Of Our Ai tool Directory. 

How This Will benefit you?

Most Of Our Traffic Is on  This Page , So WhenEver Visiter Came To Site , Then They Will See Your Product At top Of Page And That Will Lead To More Clicks. This increased visibility translates to more clicks, higher engagement, and ultimately, an increased number of potential customers discovering your product’s benefits.


2) Banner Ads :

In This We Will Show An Banner Ads All Over Ai tool Directory On , Every Ai tool And On Every Blogs We post. Basically All Over Website This Banner Will Be shown on Top Of Content and between Content paragraphs.

We Will  Design Basic Banner Ad  Which Will Be Place  OR  You Can Give Your Own Banner Through Contact 

Banner Sizes:

  • 720×90 (Desktop)
  • 320×100 (mobile)
  • 300×250
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PRO Plan (149$) :

Include All things From Standard Plan (99$) + Include Below Features

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1) Sticky Footer Ads :

Sticky ads are more visible and have higher engagement rates According to google, Not Just google But Its Proven! . 

In This We Are going to provide you Sticky Bottom Or Footer Ads Which you usual see on Most Sites Because they Are more Engaging And Most people Click on That and One Of the Most Revenue Generating Ad placement Spot. 

This Sticky Ad Will Displayed All over Website on All ai tools, blogs and other. Also It Will Shown On Both Desktop (720×90)  And Mobile Devices (320×100)  in the Bottom


2) Sidebar Ads :

Sidebar sticky ads appear in the sidebar content of a website and stay visible throughout the entire user session.  publishers find that when they run sticky ads, the higher viewability of this ad leads to higher Engagement rate, More clicks

This Will Also Appear All Over Website But, Just for Desktop Devices!


sidebar ads
your popup or

3) Vignette ads & Notification :

In This We Are Going To Show An popup or  vignette ads on pages. 

vignette ads Are most profitable and most Visable Ads .

Also, We Included on page Notification Based Ads , To promote Your Product.

We Trying To Provide More Value to Businesses So Thats Why We Are Providing you Advertise Just For 99$ & 149$ (Pro) For 25 Days!

Current Status : Available To buy Now (limited)

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