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Chatof.AI is user-friendly and requires no coding knowledge. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface(even Scanned PDF is supported too) and the ability to input URLs for web scraping, you can easily train specialized knowledge for your own chatbot. The entire process takes only 5 minutes.

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Chatof AI Information :

Create Custom Knowledge Chatbots with Chatof.AI

Employees in organizations frequently face time-consuming repetitive queries regarding IT, administrative, and HR matters. Our product,, was developed using OpenAI to address this issue by automating responses, freeing up valuable time for employees and eliminating the need for any programming knowledge.


What is Chatof.AI?

Chatof.AI is an innovative AI product designed for non-technical individuals who want to create their own custom knowledge chatbots. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can train specialized chatbots using your own data. Say goodbye to repetitive responses and welcome efficient, automated interactions!

No coding required, our friendly drag-and-drop interface allows you to train your chatbot with specialized knowledge effortlessly.



Features of Chatof.AI


  1. Create your chatbot: Give your chatbot a name, and set welcoming messages to make it more engaging. Specify where the chatbot can be used.Data Sources: Effortlessly import your data, including Files (Docs, PDF even Scanned PDF , Markdown, Txt), Plain text, or crawl Websites (Website, Sitemap, URLs).Debug/Monitor your chatbot: debug your chatbot by references and adjust your data sources, review chat history and user feedback in chatbot's dashboard.

    Embed/Share: Easily share your chatbot or embed it into independent websites, apps, web browser. It's extremely convenient to use.


Use Cases of Chatof.AI


  1. Customer Support: Improve customer service by having a chatbot readily available to handle common inquiries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues.
  2. Employee Assistance: Provide HR personnel with an AI-powered assistant to answer employee questions about company policies, benefits, and procedures.
  3. Knowledge Base: Turn your existing documents, manuals, or FAQs into a dynamic knowledge base that users can interact with in a conversational manner.
  4. E-Learning: Create interactive educational chatbots that deliver personalized learning experiences to students or trainees.


How to Create a Chatbot with Chatof.AI (Step-by-Step Guide)


  1. Sign Up: Head to the website and create an account by providing basic information.
  2. Import Data: After signing up, start importing your data into the chatbot builder. You can upload files or add website links for scraping.
  3. Build Your Chatbot: Customize the chatbot's responses, set conversational flows, and define its behavior based on your data's content.
  4. Test Your Chatbot: Thoroughly test your chatbot to ensure it responds appropriately to different questions and inputs.
  5. Share Your Chatbot: Once satisfied, make your chatbot public and share it with others. You can also embed it on your website.
  6. Monitor and Improve: Continuously monitor your chatbot's performance and gather feedback to make necessary improvements.



  • Basic Plan ($9/month): Includes 3 chatbots, 1,000 message credits per month, and 3,000,000 characters.
  • Growth Plan ($29/month): Best deal with 10 chatbots, 4,000 message credits per month, and 15,000,000 characters.
  • Standard Plan ($69/month): Offers 30 chatbots, 7,000 message credits per month, and 60,000,000 characters.
  • Free Plan: Test with 1 chatbot, 50 message credits per month, and 400,000 characters for personal use and small projects.


With Chatof.AI, you can create your own custom knowledge chatbot without any coding expertise. Supercharge your communication, save time, and provide better assistance to your users with intelligent and efficient chatbots trained on your data. Start for free and experience the future of AI-powered interactions with Chatof.AI!

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