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AI tutor that quickly solves and clearly explains homework, supports interactive learning in over 30 subjects, and communicates in 20+ languages.

Jagoda offers tutoring affordable for everyone

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Jagoda is an innovative AI tutor designed to transform the way students approach their homework and studies. This intelligent platform specializes in providing immediate, personalized assistance across a wide range of subjects, from mathematics to languages. With the capacity to understand and interpret both text and images, Jagoda can analyze complete worksheets, taking into account the entire context to give the most accurate solutions and explanations.

What sets Jagoda apart is its interactive nature. Students are not only able to receive instant feedback on their queries but can also engage in a two-way dialogue with the AI through an interactive chat. This ensures that every explanation is tailored to the student’s specific needs and comprehension level. Additionally, Jagoda’s ability to input and output information audibly, coupled with its translation capabilities in over 20 languages, makes it an accessible tool for learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Jagoda’s advanced technology is designed to make learning more efficient. Complete worksheets are explained and solutions provided within a mere two minutes, streamlining study sessions and maximizing productivity. This platform is more than just a homework helper; it’s a full-fledged educational partner that promotes understanding rather than rote memorization.

In creating Jagoda, the mission was clear: to democratize access to quality education. This AI tutor is not only a testament to technological advancement but also to the commitment to making personalized learning affordable and accessible to every student, everywhere. With Jagoda, education is not just improved; it’s reimagined.

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