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Design Your AI Companion in Moments Transform text messages into an AI that talks just like you or a loved one.

Revive, Reflect, Reconnect - Personalize AI Chatbot Trained on Your Own Text

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Yona.ai Information :

Yona.ai offers a unique platform to bring personal chat histories to life through the power of AI. By leveraging your digital conversations, Yona.ai creates a chatbot clone that resonates with your voice or the distinctive style of someone you know. It’s a new way to interact with memories, seek comfort, or simply explore the possibilities of AI-driven conversations.

  1. Collect Your Conversations: Gather chat histories from platforms like Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp. The more comprehensive the data, the more nuanced your AI clone will be.
  2. Upload and Process: Securely upload your chat data to Yona.ai. We prioritize your privacy — your data is processed to create your AI clone and is never stored.
  3. Customize Your Clone: Choose who you want the AI to mimic. It could be you, a loved one, or anyone significant in your life. This customization defines the tone and personality of your AI.
  4. Interact and Grow: Once trained, your AI clone is ready to chat. Engage in conversations, explore emotional depths, or enjoy light-hearted banter. It’s your personal clone for your personal growth and enjoyment.

Ready to embark on this groundbreaking journey? Head over to Yona.ai to get started.

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