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With the Piktochart AI poster generator, you can turn any prompt into a gorgeous poster in seconds. No design skills? No problem. Just tweak it as you wish, then share your poster.

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Piktochart AI Poster Maker Information :

Piktochart AI poster generator turns any prompt into a gorgeous poster in seconds.

  • Prompt to poster in 10 seconds
    Say goodbye to complicated design steps. Simply type in your theme and watch as our AI poster maker transforms it into reality.
  • Where every idea finds its canvas
    For events, marketing, learning, or personal creations, Piktochart AI delivers captivating poster designs for every need. Dive into a universe of impressive imagery tailored to suit any subject.
  • Piktochart starts, you put the finishing touches
    Our AI sets the stage with a professionally crafted poster, then passes control to you, allowing you to modify and refine each detail to amplify your visual impact while keeping true to your brand.

  1. Share Your Story

Briefly tell us (within 120 characters) why you’re making this poster. Is it for promoting something, announcing an event, raising awareness, or sharing health tips?

  1. Pick Your Poster Look

Kickstart your project by choosing from our wide range of poster templates. We’ve got designs for every theme imaginable! Once you’ve found the perfect one, let’s dive into the editing zone.

  1. Customize Your Design with Piktochart Editor

Now that you’ve selected your template, hit that “Edit” button to enter our Piktochart editor. This is where the magic happens! Adjust, tweak, and align the design to fit your style and message.

  1. Add Some Visual Flair

Our drag-and-drop editor makes it super easy to personalize your poster. Explore our library of free photos, icons, illustrations, and text options to make your poster pop! Changing colors is a breeze with our handy design tool.

  1. Share Your Creation

Once your poster looks exactly the way you want, it’s time to save and share it. Export it in different formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF, so you can use it online or print it out for offline use.

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