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Chattyhiring is an AI Recruiter that helps hiring managers to do automatic interviews to prescreen and analyze candidates.

ChattyHiring is an AI Recruiter To Automate Your Hiring Process!

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ChattyHiring Information :

ChattyHiring is an AI Recruiter that helps you automate manual and tedious screening interviews.
Provide faster recruitment, improved accuracy, and significant cost savings while ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation of all applicants.

Features of ChattyHiring :

  • Soft skills detection
  • Un-biased analysis
  • Empower recruitment managers
  • Improve candidate experience  


 Use Cases of ChattyHiring:

  • Recruiting and staffing companies: Interview and check candidates availability before having a human deep interview
  • Universities and Education centers: Evaluate soft skills of new students
  • HR Departments: Verify and check inconsistencies in CV
  • Job search portals: Update database of candidates


How To Use Chattyhiring:

1. Load your Job Description
 – Use Job description templates
 – AI generates key questions to evaluate the candidates

2. AI Interview customization
– Edit the AI interview questions based on your preferences
– Upload your logo and branding
– Test the AI before sending the interviews

3. Start interviewing candidates with AI Recruiter
– Use AI generated introduction emails
– Let your candidates engage with their mobile devices
– Easy engagement with voice or text

4. Get AI screening assessment
– Get reports direct to your inbox
– Real time qualifications feedback
– In depth assessment without bias




  • How much does ChattyHiring cost?

    ChattyHiring offers a cutting-edge AI-powered interview automation solution, and the cost of our service is tailored to your specific requirements, including the volume and usage needs. Our pricing model is flexible and adaptable to your company’s unique conditions, taking into consideration your hiring volume and business specifications.

  • Can I access a free trial to evaluate the product before making a commitment?

    Certainly! We believe in the value and effectiveness of our product. We offer the opportunity to experience ChattyHiring firsthand. These trials allow you to explore the features and benefits of our platform before making any purchase decisions.

  • Which languages does ChattyHiring support?

    Currently, ChattyHiring supports English, Spanish, and Italian. If you have a need for additional languages, please don’t hesitate to inform us, and we will work diligently to make them available as part of our offering in the near future.

  • Can I customize the interview questions and design to align with my company’s needs?

    Absolutely! ChattyHiring allows you to customize the branding and design of interviews to align with your company’s image and values. You have the flexibility to determine the tone, attitude, and questions that our AI will use, providing candidates with a personalized interview experience that matches your specific requirements.

  • How does ChattyHiring differ from traditional interviews?

    ChattyHiring revolutionizes the way candidates and companies interact during the hiring process. We move beyond mundane lists of questions and create engaging, purposeful conversations. Our platform enables candidates to express themselves more authentically, while also assisting companies in identifying top talent efficiently.


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