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Blur Background Information :

Our revolutionary photo editing tool makes it easy to blur photo background to draw focus to your main subjects. Just a few clicks removes distractions and isolates people, products, foods or other central elements in your images. Simply upload any photo and let AI make blurred background and guide the viewer’s eye creatively!


  • No app installation or technical skill required
  • Select blur intensity
  • Blur product shoot, portrait, landscape and more
  • Perfect for content creator, photographer, youtuber and more

Stand out from the crowd with incredible blurred backgrounds!



  • How do I blur just part of a photo?

    Use masks, radial/directional blur tools, or brushes to selectively blur only portions you want. Layer masks in Photoshop work great. You also can use our AI tool to blur photo background automatically

  • What settings should I use for blurring portraits?

    Try a Gaussian blur around 5-10 pixels to soften distracting backgrounds behind people. Or use lens blur at f/2.8-f/5.6 to mimic portrait lenses.

  • Can I blur backgrounds on iPhone or Android?

    Yes, AiPassportPhotos works seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices. You also can use the portrait mode feature on newer smartphones or photo editing apps with blur tools. 

  • Is it better to blur in-camera or post-processing?

    Post-processing blur often provides more control, but do both for optimal effect. Shoot shallow depth of field and add blur later as needed.

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