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WooCommerce AI product description writer Fully integrated with WooCommerce, WriteText.ai allows you to generate product descriptions and SEO texts right inside WordPress. No more import-export for your AI-generated text.

WriteText.ai, designed for WordPress/WooCommerce, is a plugin that automates the production of product descriptions and meta statements.

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WriteText.ai Information :

WriteText.ai is a powerful WordPress/WooCommerce plugin that simplifies the process of creating product descriptions and meta tags. It offers the opportunity to generate text for both single products individually and in bulk simultaneously. Seamlessly merging with WordPress/WooCommerce, it creates an easy-to-navigate user experience. WriteText.ai is expert at creating top-quality, SEO-enhanced meta titles, descriptions, product details, and Open Graph texts with the ‘WriteText.ai Single’ and ‘WriteText.ai Bulk’ features to boost content creation efficiency. Moreover, it offers unlimited user accessibility and website installations for each account.

WriteText.ai Single arms writers with a variety of tools beyond picking tone, style, and target market. It allows them to perform an exhaustive keyword analysis, choose semantic keywords, and select which WooCommerce attributes should be included in the text before it’s generated.

After concluding the product understanding and keyword analysis phase, it takes an estimated 50 seconds to generate the final text. The writer then has the opportunity to review the output before it’s published on WooCommerce.

WriteText.ai Single emphasizes maintaining consistency in tone and style while embedding keywords to optimize SEO rankings. It provides the leeway to customize the content to meet the unique needs of each product’s specific audience before it gets published.

WriteText.ai offers a bulk feature that is designed to generate text for multiple products at once. This feature enables the writer to select numerous products and create content for each simultaneously. However, it does not support individual keyword analysis, semantic keyword selection or the individual selection of product attributes, as the text is generated for multiple products collectively. Nonetheless, the writer can establish a uniform tone, style, and attributes for all the selected products.

The speed of WriteText.ai Bulk is impressive. After setting the products for inclusion along with their tone, style, and attributes, it takes roughly 30 seconds to generate text for each product. This feature is particularly useful when there’s an urgent need to compose a large amount of product text, but time constraints or lack of necessity for keyword analysis are factors.

WriteText.ai offers a suite of enriched features. This robust platform allows you to connect an unlimited number of e-commerce sites and supports unlimited users. You can directly transfer or publish text to WooCommerce and select specific product attributes to feature in the text. Additionally, it provides options to choose a target audience, tone, style, as well as the desired text length. User roles can be established, facilitating smooth workflow by designating who can generate, review and publish content. It has a review history log and supports bulk transfer or publication of texts. It also allows for the addition of custom product information and the creation of custom tones and styles. Using a reference product, you can ensure the consistency of tone and style across multiple products. The platform also offers AI-suggested target markets in addition to letting you define your own. The functionalities extend to rewriting text, conducting keyword analysis, selecting semantic keywords, and tracking keyword densities. Lastly, it offers multi-store support, catering to businesses with various outlets.

Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce. 

  • What are the WriteText.ai  pricing plans?

    WriteText.ai is accessible via a complimentary, free-of-charge plan, or users have the option of choosing from premium plans, which include prepaid, monthly, or annual subscription options

  • On what foundation does WriteText.ai create product descriptions?

    By default, WriteText.ai leverages your product name and its attributes, if available, to generate text. You additionally have the power to define the tone, style, and desired audience, which will directly impact the final text. With the advanced premium features, you get the ability to specify target keywords, select pertinent semantic keywords, include other product specifics, and outline your customized tone, style, and audience preferences. WriteText.ai considers all these factors when creating your product text

  • How accurate is the AI-generated text?

    The accuracy of the text generated by WriteText.ai improves with the amount and detail of product information provided. This includes aspects like product attributes, target and semantic keywords, and additional product details. If only the product name is provided while generating the text, WriteText.ai will still produce the content. However, the precision may not be as remarkable as it would be with more comprehensive product information

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