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notta ai transcription software

Transcribe audio to text with the help of AI. Transcribe and summarize your audio/video recordings, face-to-face meetings, and presentation demos in one space.

Notta is an AI-powered transcription tool that can convert any audio content into text.

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Notta Information :

Notta is an AI-powered voice-to-text transcriber that supports 104 languages. This platform excels at transcribing both audio and video files, as well as online meetings. Notta’s AI considerably automates an otherwise tedious transcription task. Simply detect the audio it is being fed and automatically transcribe it with no effort from your side.

How To Use

There is no need to spend a long time writing meeting minutes, reviewing interviews, typing a book, or translating a foreign language video. All you have to do is 

import your audio or video recording, and Notta AI will do the rest.

Use Cases

As an easy-to-use voice-to-text AI transcriber, Notta AI can serve a wide range of purposes, including: 

  1. Supporting note taking in a webinar, online meeting, conference, or client interview.
  2. Allowing independent content creators like YouTubers and vloggers to transcribe their own videos and audio recordings.
  3. Helping video creators to create accurate subtitles in multiple languages.
  4. Enabling journalists or writers to speed up their writing by sparing their efforts in recording audio contents.


  1. Up to 98.86% transcription accuracy
  2. Over 2.5 million registered users all over the world
  3. AI summarization of transcribed text
  4. Video meeting scheduling and recording
  5. Recognition of different speakers
  6. Bots can automatically attend online meetings for Zoom, Google Meet and Teams
  7. Integrated Notion and Salesforce

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  • Can I Use Notta for Free?

    Yes, you can use Notta for free with limited capabilities. The free version allows you to perform 120 minutes of transcription per month (3 or 5 minutes per transcription). You’ll be able to test all of its basic features with the free version. To use Notta to its maximum potential, I would suggest subscribing to one of its paid plans.

  • How long does Notta take to transcribe?

    Notta is quick in transcribing audio and video files. During my time with the tool, I could transcribe a 5 minute YouTube video in less than half a minute. It could also transcribe my recorded audio in real-time. Notta’s transcription speed, I would say, is exceptional.

  • Is Notta transcription safe?

    Notta complies with all essential security regulations. This includes HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, etc. It also has stringent security protocols in place to ensure round-the-clock data protection. It runs regular data backups, ensures encrypted data transfer, and employs robust password management policies to ensure complete data protection and user privacy

  • How to use Notta to record Zoom Meetings?

    To record a Zoom meeting, you’ll need to provide Notta’s AI bot access to your live meeting on Zoom. This is very simple.

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