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Discover – the GPT Web App Generator by the Wasp team. Create Node.js React apps effortlessly with this open-source tool. Read our review and find out how to use and explore alternatives.

GPT Web App Generator by the Wasp team

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Welcome to the world of, the revolutionary AI web app generator that turns your wildest ideas into reality with just a few simple commands. No more struggling with complex code or design hassles – has got you covered. In this blog, we’ll explore the incredible features, use cases, and how-tos of So, let’s dive right in!

What is is a cutting-edge AI web app generator that empowers users to create web applications effortlessly using natural language commands. Powered by the formidable GPT-4 model and a team of AI enthusiasts and web developers, takes the headache out of web app development.


Features of

  • Natural Language Interface: understands your commands in plain English. Simply type or speak your requirements, like “create a blog app with a dark theme and three categories,” and watch the magic happen.
  • Code Generation: It generates HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, aligning with your commands and preferences. You can even fine-tune the code manually or take AI suggestions.
  • Design Generation: crafts layouts, colors, fonts, icons, and images based on your vision. Customize it further with drag-and-drop or voice commands.
  • Content Generation: It generates text, audio, video, and more for your app. From headlines to articles, podcasts to videos, it’s got content creation covered.


Use Cases of is versatile and caters to various needs:

  • Personal Projects: Craft web apps for hobbies, portfolios, blogs, and more.
  • Business Projects: Create apps for products, services, marketing, and customer support.
  • Educational Projects: Design apps for courses, assignments, and presentations.
  • Entertainment Projects: Make apps for games, stories, comics, and memes.


How to Use By Wasp?

  1. Today, we’re about to dive into the incredible world of, a game-changing AI web app generator. Say goodbye to the complexities of coding and design – is here to make your web app dreams come true.
  2. The WASP Connection: This fantastic AI coding assistant is made possible by the folks at WASP Lang, a full-stack web development framework. Think of WASP as the “Ruby on Rails” for JavaScript, simplifying the process of building full-stack applications.
  3. Unique WASP Integration: What sets apart from other AI coding assistants is its integration with WASP. Unlike other tools that struggle with complex code bases due to the disconnect between front-end and back-end languages, smoothly bridges that gap.
  4. Accessing the GPT Web App Generator: To begin, visit the GPT web app generator page. You’ll notice various example applications you can create.
  5. Choosing an Example – The To-Do App: For our guide, we’ll create a to-do app. Simply click on it, give it a name (e.g., “To-Do”), and proceed.
  6. Configuring Your App: Next, you’ll configure your app. Choose a brand color (e.g., “Sky” for blue) and select a creativity level. The creativity level, akin to temperature, controls how creative or unique your app’s output will be. For now, let’s keep it balanced.
  7. Authentication Method: Select your preferred authentication method. Currently, supports username and password, with plans to expand to email and password and social authentication in the future.
  8. Generating Your App: Click the “Generate App” button. This is where the magic happens. will use the instructions you’ve provided to create your web application.
  9. The WASP Configuration File: What makes so effective is the WASP configuration file. It defines the entire application, from routing to page definitions. This centralized file ensures seamless integration between front-end and back-end.
  10. The Generation Process: The generation process begins with Upfront Planning, utilizing GPT-4. Once planning is complete, GPT 3.5 takes over for code generation. You can witness files being created in real-time, all of which is absolutely free.
  11. Fixing Common Mistakes: goes the extra mile by addressing common coding errors during the generation process. This proactive approach ensures that your app is built without flaws.
  12. Exploring the Dashboard: After generation, your app will include a dashboard and login functionality.
  13. Downloading Your App: You’ll need to download a zip file containing all the files created. Extract it to your desired location.
  14. Installing WASP: Ensure you have WASP installed on your machine. If not, you can install it using commands like curl -dssl | sh -s -- -v 0.11.1-wasp-ai-11.
  15. Creating the Database: Navigate to the app folder and create the database using the command wasp DB migrate ddev.
  16. Running Your App: To start your app, simply run the command wasp start. This will load your application, and you can access it through your browser.
  17. Deployment with WASP apps can be deployed anywhere, but makes it particularly easy with After setting up your account and installing the Fly CLI, you can deploy your app with a simple command.
  18. The Final Product: Congratulations! In just minutes, you’ve created a fully functional web application with a single prompt. and WASP have made the process seamless and efficient.
  19. Testing and Beyond: Once deployed, you can access your live web app and test it. Remember that WASP is a full-stack framework for Node.js and React, so you have the flexibility to deploy it wherever you like.
  20. Wrap-Up: In conclusion, and WASP have unlocked the potential for rapid web app development. The ease of use, seamless integration, and flexibility make this combination a powerhouse for developers and enthusiasts alike.


Pricing: offers a free plan that covers up to 10 projects. For unlimited projects and more advanced features, you can upgrade to a premium plan.


How Works: harnesses the power of the GPT-4 model from OpenAI API. It also leverages other AI models from Google Cloud API and Microsoft Azure API to generate design and content elements. The platform supports multiple languages for giving commands and generating content, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.


Overall Review of

In summary, is a game-changer in the web app development arena. Its intuitive natural language interface, code generation, design capabilities, and content generation make it a must-try tool for both beginners and experienced developers. While it’s still in beta and may have minor hiccups, the potential is undeniable. With the evolving AI landscape, is poised to deliver even better results in the future.



  • What is is an AI web app generator that simplifies web app creation using natural language commands and GPT-4 technology.

  • How does work? interprets your commands, generates code, design, and content, and empowers you to create web apps effortlessly.

  • Is free to use?

    Yes, Its free available.



In a world where web app development can be daunting, emerges as a breath of fresh air. Its simplicity, versatility, and AI-powered capabilities make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. With the potential for continual improvement, is set to redefine web app development for years to come.

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