These Ai Tools Will Help You To Get Your First Job!

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this ai will help you to find job ! transformed

Ever wondered how Artificial Intelligence can help you find a job?

There Are Lots Of Job Seekers Who Wan’t There Dream Jobs, But Most Of Them Don’t Know How To Reach Out To Companies, Because Most Of Companies Want Experience Candidates Who Will Benefit The Company

But Don’t Worry!

We Researched A lot And Find You The best ai recruiting tools Which Help You To Get Your Job Faster Some Of Them Help You to find a job By Sending a Resume To Companies Hiring Managers Automatically, That Will Enhance The Chances Of Getting Your First Job, and some will help Resume Building And Some Will Help You For Preparation Of Interview.

How To Use Ai Tools To Get Your First Job?

There Are a Bunch Of Ai Tools Out There which Will help you To Find a Job. But With Our Research, We Have Found The Best Ai Tools Which Really Help you To Get Your Job a Lot Faster.

1) Wonsulting Ai

NetworkAI is a tool that connects job seekers with hiring managers and industry experts to help them find jobs. It enables users to communicate quickly and efficiently by providing personalized communication messages and communication recommendations. Not only that but They Also Have Resume Builder So You Can build High-Quality Resumes With Them. This NetworkAI tool saves your time and energy completely.

Features Of Wonsulting Ai :

  • AI BULLETPOINT GENERATOR (creates your bullet points)
  • Network Ai (Help To Reach More Companies )
  • CoverLetter Ai
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network ai
network ai

Just Write Your role And The Targeted Company Which You Want To Join Then Just Hit The Generate Button It Will Generate an Appropriate message Then Just Click Go To Linkedin Button, And Just Connect And Add Note And Paste The Generated message.

They Also Have The Resume Builder Ai That Will Automatically generate the Highlighted Bullet Points According To your Skill And This Thing Will Help You stand Out Unique From Everyone

Here Is an Example resume highlight point creator, Ai Automatically Create The Highlight Point Based On Info

Here Are Some Example of Resume Created With the Wonsulting Ai

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Resume builder

Here Are Some Reviews Of WonsultingAI

ai tools
review @


Overall Best Tool for Those Who Don’t Know How To Build a Proper Resume With a Proper Highlight point Of Your Skill And Experience!

2) Interview AI

People go to an interview With Preparation But When They Face an Interview And When the Interviewer asks Questions They are unable To Answer That Questions. So That’s Why We Have to Know What Type Of Question Interviewer Will Ask.

So Here is the Solution We Found Which Will Help You to Find Interview Questions

InterviewAI is a tool that makes interviewing easy, and this tool saves your time completely. This AI tool provides personalized interview questions in real-time to ensure they are relevant to your chosen job category and position. This tool generates questions making it easy. AI generates intelligent follow-up questions based on the candidate’s answers.

Features Of Interview Ai :

  • Real-time Ai Generated Interview Questions
  • Question Library
  • Interview Management
  • AI-Generated Follow-Up Questions

3 Steps To Use Interview Ai :

Step 1:

Enter candidate info and select the role they’re interviewing for.

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Step 2 :

Get all your questions instantly, including AI-follow-up questions.


Step 3 :

View / save Interview Summary for future reference or copy to your preferred ATS.


3) Poised Ai

If You Are Lacking confidence, clear, and persuasive communication In Live Online Interview ,So Here is These Ai Tool Which Help You To Overcome That.

This Ai tool Is Very Useful For Shy, Unconfident, Or People Who Don’t Have Any Stage Daring (Which means Unable To Talk In front of a Lot Of People ). This Ai tool is Really Useful For Online Meetings, Interviews, conferences, Or Even For Presentations.Also If you are Unable To convenience People In a Marketing presentation This Will Helpful For You.

PoisedAI is a tool that analyzes your online encounters and gives you feedback on how to improve your communication skills. poisedAI tool improves your communication skills. Has your interview ever gone well? If your interview is not going well then PoisedAI can help you. PoisedAI will easily tell you where you are going wrong or what you need to improve. PoisedAI will prepare you all. So your speaking skills will improve and there will be no problem in future. With PoisedAI, you can organize meetings and learn by comparing experiences.

Features Of Poised Ai :

  • Get real-time feedback
  • Track your progress (Analyze The Speech ,to Improve your Speaking Skill)
  • Personalized Plan
  • Works With 800 Tools(Ex- Zoom)

Get real-time feedback

Poised gives you real-time feedback on everything from words most spoken to filler words, confidence, energy, empathy, and more. The best part? No one else knows you’re using it.

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Analyze trends over time

Track your progress, analyze speech trends over time, and improve your speaking for your most important meetings. No more wondering how you did.

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Conclusion :

It Is Best For People Who Want To Increase There Communication Skills, we Know It’s not for offline Jobs but you Can Try meeting With Your Friends For Practice Interviews And See The Suggestions given by The Poised Ai. But It’s Great For Online Interviews and Presentations.

4) AutoGpt :


Autogpt Is Gpt Based Application Means in Backend These applications uses chatgpt , chatgpt is great app but it don’t have access to real time data means it just limited to 2021 information if you want all latest info autogpt is best

so ,let’s just Talk How the autogpt will Help you to find You job Faster

Autogpt Is just All rounder Just tell him About You’re Job Name And Which role You want To Join In company and provide an additional description which you want to provide Then Just Sit Back down it will automatically scan the internet and it will find you the job position which is available,not only that if you install this locally on PC you can even able to automate the process of sending resume with appropriate request message to the hire manager.

Also, you can use AutoGpt To Learn About Communication skills and be Able To find Great Interview questions Just by Asking It. Basically It can Do Lots Of thing.

To Access The AutoGpt There Is Two Ways:

I) If You Have Your Own pc Your Own Pc You Can Install It Locally On Computer , Here is The Installation Process To Install locally AutoGpt On Pc

ii) Another Way Using These Two Websites ,Where You Have To Put Your Openai Api Key And That’s It You Can able To Acess The AutoGpt Online Without Any Installation .

If You Still Not Understand How to Use The Online AutoGpt Then See These Tutorial which could Help You To Understand

Make Sure Watch Tutorial Mentioned Above If You Don’t Understant How To Use The AutoGpt.


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