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AI powered visual intelligence. Generate visuals in a snap, uncover new perspectives, automate tasks - all with AI wizardry. Diagram with Prompts Create many types of diagrams with just a few (or many) words Diagram with Prompts feature icon Multi Perspective Visualizations Convert ideas into multiple types of diagrams and visual frameworks Multi Perspective Visualizations feature icon Uncover Insights Together Let VIZ use expert strategic frameworks to deliver insights

AI powered visual intelligence. Generate visuals in a snap, uncover new perspectives, automate tasks - all with AI wizardry.

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Creately VIZ Information :

AI-based visualization and diagramming technology that combines visual framework expertise with user data built right into our visual collaboration platform. It uses visual intelligence to transform how teams work together. At its core, Creately VIZ enables teams to work visually side by side with artificial intelligence, which augments and extends ideas, provides summaries, and offers new perspectives automatically.

Transform text effortlessly into visual models. Whether it’s a mind map, flowchart, or a kanban, Creately VIZ generates a corresponding visual representation using prompts, bringing your ideas to life.

Tap into a vast library of smart AI templates for visual frameworks and models, and use these without needing in-depth knowledge about them. Creately VIZ can transform your content, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making using smart AI templates.

Creately VIZ simplifies the visualization of intricate processes by extending shapes and creating flows effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual drawing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in diagram creation.

Identify patterns, trends, and relationships by organizing and categorizing elements in a diagram or framework. Organizing elements based on themes, sentiments, or custom criteria adds a layer of flexibility, aligning the diagram with personal perspectives and requirements. In addition to visual organization, grouped elements simplify team members’ review processes, allowing them to follow the logical flow of information and collaborate more efficiently.

View the same information from different angles. Convert your work into various diagram types, from Kanban boards to timelines to priority grids, ensuring that every perspective is considered.

Seamlessly integrate Creately VIZ into your Microsoft Teams environment. Generate or update workspaces directly within your chats and meetings, fostering real-time collaboration.

Who can access Creately VIZ?

Creately VIZ is currently available for only paid users. Stay tuned we are working on enabling it for free users as well.

How do I access Creately VIZ?

Creately VIZ can be accessed directly from the app. You can find Creately VIZ in the Template section, Quick Toolbar and Plus Create options

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