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What is  Intelligent Node ai ?


IntelliNode is a javascript library that integrates cutting-edge AI models into your project. With its intuitive functions, you can easily feed data to models like ChatGPT, WaveNet, and Stable diffusion and receive generated text, speech, or images. It also offers high-level functions such as semantic search and chatbot capabilities.
What sets IntelliNode apart is its lightning-fast access to the latest deep learning models, allowing you to integrate them into your projects with just a few lines of code.


What is the use of Intelligent Node ai ?


Use To access to the latest deep learning models ChatGPT, Diffusion, Google PaLM, and more


Features of IntelliNode Ai:


Any Model Access

It enables developers to connect with various AI models, such as OpenAI, Cohere, Google PaLM, and more. This empowers developers to tap into each model's unique strengths and capabilities, enhancing their applications with advanced AI functionalities.


Decoupled Logic

Decouples the application's core functionality from the complexities of integrating various AI models, allowing developers to focus on their application's business logic and streamline the switching between different models.


Extended Functions

IntelliNode offers a range of high-level functions easily integrated into your project, including chatbot capabilities and semantic search with the ability to extend the existing AI models for new functions.


Easy Setup

Lightweight footprint, with size less than 1 MB and minimum dependencies.

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