Sakana AI New Startup By Google Reserachers In Tokyo!

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sakana ai

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, new startups emerge with the promise of pushing boundaries and reshaping the industry. One such notable entrant is Sakana AI, a Tokyo-based generative AI research lab founded by two former Google researchers, Llion Jones and David Ha. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Sakana AI and uncover its unique approach to AI innovation.


What is Sakana AI?

Sakana AI, deriving its name from the Japanese word for “fish,” is a pioneering research lab dedicated to the exploration of generative artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional AI models that are often rigid and inflexible, Sakana AI draws inspiration from the natural world to create AI models that are adaptable, responsive, and efficient. This startup aims to revolutionize the way AI is developed and utilized.


Who Started Sakana AI?

Sakana AI owes its inception to the collaboration between two visionary minds, Llion Jones and David Ha. Jones, a co-author of the groundbreaking Transformers research paper, has a rich background in AI research. His departure from Google after a decade paved the way for the establishment of Sakana AI. David Ha, an AI research expert and former head of Google Japan’s AI research team, joins Jones as the CEO of Sakana AI. Together, their combined expertise and determination mark the birth of a new era in AI research.

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What Sakana AI Will Do?

Sakana AI sets its sights on redefining generative AI. By incorporating principles from nature, collective intelligence, and evolution, the startup aims to create AI models that can adapt, evolve, and seamlessly integrate with their environment. This approach holds the promise of addressing challenges like high costs and security risks associated with current AI models. Sakana AI’s commitment to flexibility and sustainability is poised to make a significant impact in the AI landscape.


Sakana AI Company Choose Tokyo As There Location

Tokyo, Japan, serves as the vibrant backdrop for Sakana AI’s groundbreaking endeavors. The city’s robust technical infrastructure, educated workforce, and global appeal make it an ideal headquarters for this innovative startup. Tokyo’s unique blend of tradition and modernity provides an inspiring environment for Sakana AI to thrive and lead the way in AI research.

Peoples’ Opinions and Founders’ Opinions:

Peoples’ Opinions: The AI community and enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement about Sakana AI’s entry into the scene. With a foundation rooted in nature-inspired intelligence, Sakana AI’s approach resonates with those seeking innovative solutions to AI’s current limitations.

Founders’ Opinions: Llion Jones and David Ha share a collective vision for Sakana AI. Their departure from Google reflects their determination to break free from constraints and foster creativity. They believe that current AI models are too rigid and aim to harness the adaptability of natural systems to create AI that thrives in an ever-changing world.

Additional Details:

Sakana AI’s research is not focused on building large language models like ChatGPT. Instead, the startup is exploring alternative paths to generative AI that prioritize efficiency, scalability, and diversity. While funding details remain undisclosed, Sakana AI operates as an open research lab, sharing its findings on its website and social media platforms.

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How to Use Sakana AI?

  1. Visit Sakana AI’s official website.
  2. Explore the research papers and insights shared by the founders.
  3. Stay updated on the latest developments through Sakana AI’s social media channels.
  4. Engage with the AI community to discuss and exchange ideas inspired by Sakana AI’s approach.
  5. Consider potential applications of Sakana AI’s nature-inspired AI models in your own projects.


Sakana AI’s journey represents a departure from conventional AI models and a leap toward nature-inspired intelligence. Founded by two pioneering minds with extensive AI research backgrounds, Sakana AI has the potential to reshape the AI landscape. With Tokyo as its backdrop, Sakana AI’s commitment to innovation, adaptability, and sustainability positions it as a formidable player in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. As the startup continues to make waves, its unique approach holds the promise of sparking a new era in AI research and development.



  • What is Sakana AI’s mission?

    Sakana AI’s mission is to revolutionize the field of AI by creating adaptable and responsive AI models inspired by nature, collective intelligence, and evolution.

  • Can you explain the name “Sakana AI”?

    Certainly! The name “Sakana” comes from the Japanese word for “fish,” symbolizing the idea of individual units coordinating to form a coherent whole, much like a school of fish. It reflects Sakana AI’s approach of creating AI models that adapt and integrate seamlessly, just as natural systems do.

  • Is Sakana AI solely focused on large language models like ChatGPT?

    No, Sakana AI is taking a unique path in AI research. While it draws inspiration from the foundational Transformers paper, it is exploring alternative methods to generative AI that prioritize efficiency, scalability, and diversity.

  • Who are the founders of Sakana AI and what is their background?

    Sakana AI was founded by Llion Jones and David Ha, both former Google researchers. Jones co-authored the transformative Transformers research paper, while Ha was the head of Google Japan’s AI research team and led research at Stability AI.

  • Is Sakana AI building large language models (LLMs)?

    No, Sakana AI’s approach differs. Instead of focusing on LLMs, the startup is exploring innovative and efficient ways to create AI models that can adapt and evolve in various environments.

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