AI Weekly NewsLetter 11/12/2023

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this week ai news

1. Mamba: A New Architecture Beyond Transformers

  • This new paper introduces a completely different architecture for Transformers, potentially surpassing its limitations.
  • Mamba boasts faster inference (5x faster than Transformers) and the ability to scale up to million-length sequences.
  • The paper, code, and models are publicly available for exploration.
  • Mamba: Linear-Time Sequence Modeling with Selective State Spaces Paper CodeTry Mamba live here (Might not be too impressive)

2. Striped Hyena: Another Large Language Model Beyond Transformers

  • This 7 billion parameter open-source model offers a glimpse into a world beyond Transformers.
  • It features a new architecture that overcomes Transformer bottlenecks, resulting in faster and more memory-efficient training and inference.
  • Striped Hyena is available in various sizes for experimentation.
  • Paving the way to efficient architectures: StripedHyena-7B, open source models offering a glimpse into a world beyond Transformers Together Launch

3. Mixtral AI’s Mixture of Experts Model

  • This 7 billion parameter model is one of the largest AI models ever created.

Read This Tweet to know More Tweet

4. Apple’s New Deep Learning Framework: Nar

  • Apple has launched Nar, a deep learning framework specifically optimized for Apple silicon.
  • This framework offers pre-built models for various tasks, including linear regression, logistic regression, and Transformers.
  • Nar is currently only available for Apple silicon machines.

5. Meta AI’s Purple Llama Initiative

  • This initiative aims to promote trust and safety in open-source generative AI models.
  • Purple Llama includes a suite of tools and partnerships to address potential risks and biases.
  • A workshop will be held next week to discuss the initiative further.
  • Llama-Guard : huggingface

6. MagicAnimate AI : A Tool for Animating Images

7. OpenML Guide: A Centralized Hub for AI Information

  • This community-driven project provides a comprehensive resource for learning about various aspects of AI.
  • It covers topics like open-source models, web UIs, and MLOps.
  • OpenML Guide is open for contributions from the community.

8. Microsoft Rebrands Bing Chat to Copilot

  • Microsoft has rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot, aiming for a more user-friendly name.
  • Copilot will integrate features like GPT-4 Turbo and multi-model search.
  • This move suggests Microsoft’s continued commitment to AI development.

9. Anthropic Releases New Dataset for Detecting Bias in Language Models

  • This dataset includes diverse prompts covering hypothetical situations and sensitive topics.
  • It aims to help researchers develop fairer and more ethical AI models.
  • dataset link

10. Google’s AI Plans: Gemini and LaMDA

  • Google has revealed details about its upcoming AI models, Gemini and LaMDA.
  • Gemini is a multi-modal model designed for tasks like code generation and math problem solving.
  • LaMDA is a large language model focused on natural language processing and dialogue.
  • While both models show promise, their scalability and accessibility remain to be seen.

11. D.D. Sha’s Article on Why Most Agent AIs Don’t Work

  • This article explores the limitations of current agent AI architectures.
  • It argues that most agent AIs fail to deliver on their promises due to various design flaws.
  • The article provides valuable insights for future development of agent AI.

12. OpenAI Power Struggle: Helen Toner Explains the Firing of Sam Altman

  • This article sheds light on the recent leadership changes at OpenAI.
  • Helen Toner, OpenAI’s CEO, explains the reasons behind Sam Altman’s departure.
  • The article raises questions about OpenAI’s internal dynamics and future direction.

13. Meta AI’s Relightable Goian Kodc Avatar

  • This project showcases Meta AI’s advancements in creating realistic and animatable avatars.
  • The avatars are highly detailed and can be manipulated in real-time.
  • This technology has the potential to revolutionize the VR and AR space.
  • Link to Learn More

14. Sam Altman Named CEO of the Year by Time Magazine

  • This recognition highlights Altman’s contributions to the field of AI.
  • However, some argue that the hype surrounding OpenAI and Altman may be excessive.
  • Article Link

15. Newly Launched Open models :

  1. Mistral 7B MoE Launch Tweet 
  2. Magicoder: Source Code Is All You Need
  3. MagicAnimate: Temporally Consistent Human Image Animation using Diffusion Model
  4. Video to Densepose
  5. Announcing Purple Llama: Towards open trust and safety in the new world of generative AI
  6. Llama-Guard  

AI Funding

  1. French AI start-up Mistral secures €2bn valuation 
  2. Replicate raises $40 million Series B led by a16z 
  3. Announcing our $50M Series C to build superhuman Speech AI models 


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