Potat 1 Free Text to Video Generator, Gen2 Competitor!

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text to video generator free ,unlimited and opensource

This is Potat 1 Which Is a Fully Opensouce, Free, And High-Resolution Text To Video Generator . Developed by camenduru And His Team .It’s Available On GitHub To Use Freely.You Can Even run This On Google Collab Free Version .Becasue Of Being opensource There Is Lot Of Potential To Grow Because OpenSource Project Allows Modification And This Is Already Very close To Gen2

We Can Able To Use Potat 1 Power Of Text To video Generation Directly In Blender Too! That’s Totally Game Changer.We Can Directly Able to Generate Video In Blender And Able To Use That ,But There Is Need Specific Requirement To Use !

In Today’s Blog We Gone a See the Demo of Text to video, How To Use Potat1 on Local Or On Colab, Features & Comparisons.

Potat 1 Text To Video Generator :

The Potat 1 text to video generator by Camenduru is a powerful tool that allows users to create high-quality videos from text. Whether you’re looking to create marketing videos, educational videos, or social media videos, the Potat 1 text to video generator has you covered. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the features and capabilities of the Potat 1 text to video generator and show you how to use it to create your own videos.The Potat 1 text to video generator offers a wide range of features that make it a top choice for video creators. Some of the key features of the Potat 1 text to video generator include Support for multiple languages, High-quality video output, Customizable video settings.

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the Potat 1 text to video generator also offers a range of capabilities that make it a versatile tool for video creation. Some of the capabilities of the Potat 1 text to video generator is the Ability to create videos from any text. Support for a wide range of video formats If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile tool for creating videos from text, the Potat 1 text to video generator by Camenduru is an excellent choice. With its impressive features and capabilities, the Potat 1 text to video generator is sure to meet all your video creation needs.

The Potat 1 Has High Resolution Than The Gen2 Model By RunwayMl. Not Only That Gen2 is Not Available To All People And ITs Only Able To create 4 Second Long Video !

So Here Is Basic Compression Between Potat 1 And Gen 2 By RunwayML

Potat 1Gen2
OpensourceNot OpenSourced
Able To Use on Local System As Well
As ,on Platform
Like Google colab
Use On Webapp and Discord
Free Forever !Paid And Free(limited)

Features Of Potat 1 :

  • Its Free To Use
  • Unlimited Text To video Generation
  • You Can Even Able To Use On LocalSystem And on Colab
  • High-Resolution Output
  • Opensource (means You Can Able To Do Modification To Make It Even Better)
  • Best Alternative For Gen2

Here Are Some Result Generated With Potat 1

A giraffe underneath a microwave.

A goldendoodle playing in a park by a lake.

A panda bear driving a car.

Here Are Some Tweets About potat 1

How To Use Potat 1 On Google Colab ?

Step 1: Go To The There Github And Then Scroll Down And You Will Se This

step 1 potat 1

Step 2: After Clicking On First colab Link ,Then It Will Open New Window (colab is basically you can able to Run code on that and They Provide you Free Gpu)

So Before Goes Into running Script,You Have To Make Sure Is IF You Have Selected Gpu ,Its Very important

to Do That Follow Below Images:

step 2

step 3

Step 3 :

Now Just Click On Run Cell , And Wait Little Bit To complete That process !

step 3 1

Wait Little Bit, it Will Take 4-5 minute Time To Complete The Cell ,After Completion Then There Is Main Part

Now, Just Type Your Own Text In The Prompt Box (Means Type What You Want To Generate )

step 3 2

And If You Want To Get More Longer Video Then Increase The Number Of Frames ,(But This Will Take So Long Time to generate )


Now Click On Run Cell Again ,But This Time You Need To Run The 2nd Cell

step3 4

After Clicking On That Wait Little Bit Until Its Show 100 %

potat 1potat 1 steps steps

After 100% completion your video is ready to check your video

where to find potat1 generated video output

That’s it You Done The All Things ,So Now Create As Many Video you Want ,without paying single money

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But , Sometime You Will See this problem

CUDA out of memory error this is the error

his error occurs when the program attempts to allocate memory on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) but there is insufficient memory available

What’s Solution?

If You Are Using Free Google Colab, Then Disconnect and Delete the runtime, And Try Again. Try To Clear Memory As Possible


You Need An personal GPU which have enough vram to run this.(if You Have Enough vram And memory You can even Able to make Longer videos

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